All I Wanted Was a Bouncy Ball!

While trying to create a bouncy ball, as one does, a lab accident occurs and spawns a monster!

You must out-run, out-jump and out-smart the beast using materials found in your lab!


There are four items to collect.

+ JUMP COUNT - Allows you to jump multiple times.  Up to a maximum of 5X jumps.
+ JUMP HEIGHT - Increases maximum jump height.
+ MOVE SPEED - Increases running speed slightly.
LAB CHEMICALS - Fires an attack at the lab monster.  It will become damaged and speed up.

Jump on these to bounce higher.

(Don't let the appearance fool you.)


This is our entry for GitHub Game Off 2019 “Leaps and Bounds”.  We had some time off, and thought we’d see what we could toss together. It’s functional, but quite unpolished.


Have fun! :D


Download 23 MB
Download 25 MB
Download 25 MB

Development log


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Very nice


Me encanto! me gustaria una version completa

Really enjoyed it! I didn't even read the instructions and knew how to play. Surprised that it ran from my phone's browser and worked with my Xbox controller out the box! It didn't even look like it wasn't native. Controls were intuitive and the fish scared the heck out me! Had a blast the entire way through. The ONLY thing I would say needed a tiny bit of work was the falling physics. Good job! 


Nice little game to play. 
Finished it once)


Awesome!! Played all the way through. Very enjoyable and the fish freaked me out! :D

Nice! And congratulations! We're glad you liked it :D

Wow that fish-skeleton thing was pretty freaking scary! Nice job whoever did the art for that. 

I enjoyed the platforming and music a lot. I only wish there was some kind of noise when the fish skeleton got to you but other than that nice job!

Thank you! Our artist is very pleased to hear that. :D

Adding a sound effect for that is a good idea too. We'll see if we can find one that fits!


I had so much fun playing this game, for a second I didn't think I would be able to beat it because how low my health got. Keep up the great work, I wanted to play more but sadly every great game has to end.


Wow that was one a intense run! xD I was so glad you made it to the end!

Thanks a bunch for your kind words, and for making this video! :D 


i kinda hate how the fish gets faster when you are close to it.

Thanks for the gameplay feedback. X)

I can certainly rebalance it, though it is a necessary mechanic.  At his cruising speed the fish can never catch you if you move around him.

We will be making another build towards the end of the month, I'll try tuning this one down.

-Jared @Avencherus



THANK YOU!!! Glad you liked it! :D


It was very cute and fun!

Thank you for making the nice video! We're glad you liked the game! :D