Version 1.8 Released

Hey everyone!  Just making a release to fix a crash we came across recently.  Another thanks goes out to Rémi Verschelde for lending his debugging expertise on this one.

Although we won't be doing any serious work on this prototype, this was an opportunity to add a couple of very tiny changes related to the feedback we've been getting.

NOTE - There are some known display issues, one that can place your character off the ground and unable to move.  You may be able to fix this by going to the settings and toggling windowed mode on and off.  Sorry for the inconvenience, it is a resolved issue going forward, but unfortunately we won't have the time to address it for this prototype.

  • (BUG FIX) - Harris' grenade would crash the game if fired directly into an enemy.
  • (TWEAK) - The character jumps are now more responsive.  (Still much to be desired, but will be night and day in the full version.)
  • (TWEAK) - The Spread Fusion now has a tighter spread.
  • (TWEAK) - The Spread Fusion bullets do more damage.

Work is underway for the full version of the game.  We hope you follow along with our progress, there will be some major announcements in the coming weeks.


(Linux) GTCats 34 MB
Aug 15, 2018
(Windows) GTCats 31 MB
Aug 15, 2018

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